CaCO3 filler Masterbatch

1. PP flat yarn extrusion
2. PP strapping band
3. PP injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding
1. HP – PP 80 is a poly propylene based master batch containing 80% calcium carbonate. It is nature white with excellent disperson.
2. It can be mixed with poly propyleneresin extrusion, thermal forming, injection and is easy to disperse with good compatibility. It functions as a modifier to improve the heat resistance, flexural streng, size stability and printability. It also reduces heat release from burning and therefore prevent further environmental pollution.
Physical Properties
Carrier ------ ------ PP
CaCO3 content ------ %wt 80
CaCO3 particle size Malvern Mastersizer 2000 8 min
MI@2.16kg/203oC ASTM D1238 g/10 mins 10
Density ASTM D1505 g/cm3 1.7
Moisture ASTM D644 % 0.15 max
Shape ------ granule 2 ~ 3 mm
Processing suggestions
1. General loading is recommended at 5-35% with variation according to the products. 2. The processing temperature is set according to resin’s processing temperature and it applies well among 220  40oC. Package, Transporation and Storage
1. Packing: PP heaby duty bag, 25kg/bags.
2. Note to avoid moisture, insolation and breagage in transportation.
3. The product is sensitive to moisture. No problem to store in original packin bags. Make sure to use product immediately after opening the packing bags. If is has noisture problem, dry by hot air recycle machine under 90oC for 30 minutes.